Bell Sleeves + Blue Jeans

Although spring hasn’t officially arrived here in Minnesota, I love that I can start putting together looks that don’t require a jacket! And shooting pictures is a little bit less painful–no more stopping in every coffee shop to warm up in between outfits! I’m excited to share more pieces that have cute details and patterns like the one below:


This is one of my favorite necklaces ever!! It is so cute and dainty and adds a feminine touch to any outfit. I picked it up at Old Navy a few months back but I’ve linked a super similar one below!

I couldn’t find these exact pieces in stock but I tried my best to find similar items!

outfit details: top | jeans | necklace | heels (more here and  here)| purse

original items: top from Marshalls, jeans from Charlotte Russe, necklace from Old Navy, purse from Nordstrom, shoes from Target


have a great weekend loves!

love always,laurensignature

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